We are one of the largest manufacturers in sprockets of various sizes and designs, brake shoes and custom-made.




Fizwina Sdn Bhd (FSB) has successfully maintained its position as a market leader in the industry by providing outstanding quality products at competitive prices. This is achieved through continuous efforts in improving and modernizing the manufacturing process through automation and the use of latest high tech equipments. FSB strongly believes that the reputation built over the years in providing reliable products of high quality and the commitment in ensuring continuous improvement of its products through research and development (R&D) will steer FSB towards fulfilling its vision of becoming a global leader in the industry.



Since the early days, FSB has always emphasized on the importance of research and development and has continued investing heavily until today. As a result, FSB has acquired the necessary knowledge and expertise not only in producing many new products but also has the capability to manufacture special design products which are specially tailored to meet its clients’ specific requirements.


With its 30 years’ experience, strong financial standing, support from its business partners and the determination to improve through its investment in research and development, FSB has achieved its mission in creating a continuous effective and efficient team to provide good customer service and high quality products at very competitive prices. Backed by these outstanding qualities, FSB is also very confident of fulfilling its vision to become a leader in the industry both domestically and internationally.