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We sell a range of products from motorcycle gears, sprockets, chains, and spare parts to accessories for motorcycles.

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Motorcycle Dealers Holdings Sdn. Bhd. (MCDH) group of companies is a motorcycle sprockets, chains & spare parts manufacturer in Malaysia.

Company Profile

MCDH is founded in 1983 by a group of prominent motorcycle dealers, whose wealth in experience in as motorcycle parts manufacturers span more than 30 years, have helped MCDH expand by leaps and bounds in Malaysia. MCDH would eventually acquire its subsidiary, Fizwina Sdn Bhd (formerly Soon Tuck Trading Sdn Bhd) in 1984. Today, MCDH has captured more than 50% of the market share and is one of the market leaders in the domestic manufacturing of a wide range of motorcycle sprockets, chains & spare parts in Malaysia. MCDH has also expanded their market to Vietnam, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, Australia, Philippines, Singapore, Nigeria and Japan.

MCDH’s main products in Malaysia consist of custom made motorcycle sprockets, chains & spare parts. We carry high quality motorcycle sprockets for all major brands such as Yamaha, Honda, Modenas, Suzuki, Demark, SYM and many more. Besisde motorcycle sprocket and chain we also offer motorcycle tire tubes, brake shoes, helmets, rim tape, visors and other accessories in Malaysia. Our major brands include MDH, ISH and STT.

We at MCDH place product quality as our number one priority, and this is evident in the custom made sprockets, motorcycle chains and spare parts we manufacture in Malaysia. Each sprocket, motorcycle chain and spare part that leave our factories are made out of high quality materials and superior craftsmanship perfected by many years of research and development. Our customers enjoy our extensive range of top quality motorcycle chains, sprockets & spare parts at competitive prices that suit any budget.

Besides superior products and competitive pricing, we also put customer satisfaction at the forefront. We specialize in customizing our products to customer’s specification to ensure that our customer’s purchases are tailor-made to meet their every requirement. Our service staffs are ever at the ready to dispense expert advice, ensuring that our customers leave satisfied with their purchase.

Through our sister company MDH Sdn Bhd, we also guarantees your piece of mind as we are also trusted insurance agents in Malaysia. Our staffs are trained to provide expert consultation to ensure all your insurance needs are met with our extensive range of insurance packages.

If you’re looking for a trusted manufacturer of motorcycle sprockets, chains & spare parts or if you’re looking for one of the most reliable insurance agents in Malaysia, call us now to speak with our friendly service staff and we will immediately fulfil your every need.